Autumn Term

Class 1 have had a VERY BUSY first term at school!

Have a look at pictures of some of the things we have been doing:


  •         Choose time with your child Tuesdays – every Tuesday at

                 2-50-3.30 parents come into school to:

                                                         Share activities

                                                         Paint and draw

                                                         Play games

                                                         Chat with Mrs Scandrett and Mrs Craig


  •         Learning in our forest area:

                                                        Digging and planting

                                                        Looking for bugs and insects

                                                       Watching the changing seasons

                                                       Creating delicious recipes in our mud kitchen


  •      Learning to ride balance bikes

   Aspire Sports brought some balance bikes to school for all class 1 to learn to ride    


  •         Adventurous activities at Hamstead Hall

  Unfortunately the weather was bad when we went but we had great fun:

  •   Playing games in the sports hall
  •   Having a picnic in the lodge
  •   Going on a wet walk through the forest
  •   Taking part in lots of learning in our indoor and outdoor classroom:

   Playing and learning to share and get along together

   Learning new skills in all areas of the curriculum